ACSWA-VA is committed to advocating for VA clinical social workers as capable professionals. If you are too, let’s work together!

As a national organization with a VA focus, ACSWA can help; but we need leaders who want to work with us to make the VA the best it can be for veterans and their families as well as for clinical social workers.

If you want to be an agent of change, consider becoming an ACSWA-VA Liaison. As such, we would work with you so that you could pass along information to your site colleagues. There is power in information and in numbers, but leadership is needed too. Clinical social workers—the largest group of behavioral healthcare professionals in the VA—are already reporting to us about the realities of their practice (as in this small sampling):

  • “Unaware of successful programs and strategies at other sites”
  • “Undervalued in my work and in compensation”
  • “Placed in jobs and settings that ignore our clinical capabilities”
  • “Not informed about career advancement and clinical opportunities”
  • “Can’t get access to a room to conduct confidential therapy”
  • “Not represented by the labor union”
  • “Not allowed to provide treatment to those with PTSD”

The list is long, and it’s time to do something about it. For a little investment of time, a Liaison can make a big difference for clinical social work in the VA. For more information, contact us.

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